You feel very secure

A wonderful experience
22 April 2020
Hypnosis is next level. It exceeded my expectations
8 May 2020

You feel very secure

I wanted help with what I thought were “my” failings resulting in what I considered to be bad habits getting in the way of me reaching goals, or even just feeling like I had a productive day, week, month, or even year.

Overall I felt out of balance and actually didn’t really know why.

Before seeing Sue, I felt frustrated with myself and overwhelmed by day to day life, let alone bigger or longer term issues. I felt like I was failing me and my family for really very minor things. I didn’t realise the weight of the “old” stuff that was weighing me down (before my day even started).

Since seeing Sue, I feel much lighter, and clearer. Much clearer about what is realistic, what my strengths are, what I needed to let go of, and what/WHO is important to me.

What surprised me most about hypnosis was: You feel very secure that your conscious/subconscious wouldn’t let you go to where you aren’t ready for, if anything did arise that was too much in that moment.

LC (2 online sessions)