My self-sabotaging inner dialogue has gone

I am amazed at the change
12 March 2020
A wonderful experience
22 April 2020

My self-sabotaging inner dialogue has gone

I came to see Sue for help, because I had tried everything and needed to get my life in order as a result of being medically retired, holding onto stuff from my past which had resulted in many self-limiting beliefs.

Ever since working with Sue, all the bad memories since childhood onwards are no longer there – like they’ve just disappeared. I’m stronger and more confident and stand up for my self more, my self sabotaging inner dialogue has gone – I’m more confident now.

What surprised me most about hypnosis was how easy it was, how effective it is, and like going to a doctor for a yearly check up I can go back if I have more issues and get them dealt with before they become a major problem.

(Carole Robinson, Fullerton Cove)