I’m feeling much more in control

I can now see things with clarity
3 September 2020
I feel more grounded and at peace with myself
15 October 2020

I’m feeling much more in control


I came to see Sue for help with Anxiety and Weight Loss. I was unsure how to manage my anxiety without medication. I was also unsure how to stop stress eating. I was anxious about pretty much everything and also angry and not a nice person to be around! Now, I am not experiencing anxiety as much and if I do it is not to the same level it once was and I am also able to talk myself around it. I’m feeling much more in control of my thoughts and how I communicate.

What surprised me most about hypnotherapy is that you are in control the whole time. Sue definitely helped me and I would definitely recommend her services.

Debbie, Mayfield

(Hypnosis for Anxiety program)