Hypnosis is next level. It exceeded my expectations

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4 May 2020
The sessions worked a treat!
26 May 2020

Hypnosis is next level. It exceeded my expectations


I became ill with a stomach disorder 12 months ago which I am still in the process of trying to get a diagnosis as many’s tests have found nothing. The physical discomfort this was causing and not knowing what it is, what causes it, what to do to relieve it and when and if it will get better or if I now have to live with it for the rest of my life put my anxiety through the roof. A phychologist confirmed my anxiety was caused by uncertainty and other uncertainties in life that never use to really bother me were now stressing me out also.

My psychologist helped me manage this well through mindfulness and meditation. But this needs to be done consistently, as soon as I became complacent with the meditation the anxiety came creeping back.

After my first session with Sue WOW I was on cloud 9. For the first time in 12 months my mind was quiet. It has now been a month since my third session I have not felt the need for meditation. Best thing about it is that unhelpful autopilot unhelpful fear response to certain senarios I use to have is gone.

I thought of myself as a pretty calm and relaxed person 12 months ago before my whole stomach ordeal started. I wouldn’t say I’m back to normal I’m BETTER then normal.

Hypnosis is next level. Anyone want to kick their anxiety once and for all book in with Sue now.

What surprised me most about hypnosis?

The fact that by bypassing and speaking to your subconscious you don’t have to talk about all your problems and bring up all your old demons during session.
That it can help with worries and unhelpful behaviours you didn’t even know you had.

It exceeded my expectations, especially getting rid of my autopilot anxiety response where it is not helpful.


3 online sessions (Hypnosis for anxiety)