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13 March 2016
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21 June 2016

Stop Smoking Package

Hypnotherapy is a very effective way to help you stop smoking, if you are in the right frame of mind. Contrary to common misconceptions, you cannot be hypnotized to make changes against your will!

Hypnotherapy is most effective if you have good reasons of your own for stopping smoking, and it doesn’t matter what those reasons are. Common reasons people give are health related issues, the expense, or wanting to smell fresher, however there are infinite other reasons.

I’ve had people contact me about this package because they are sick of being nagged by their spouse, children or doctor, or because they think they should stop smoking. I have even had wives phone me, wanting to send their husbands in for hypnotherapy to stop their smoking! These people are not likely to be successful in stopping smoking, because they don’t want to do it for themselves.

What is most important for your success, is that you want to do it for you.

A good way to decide if you are ready to see me about stopping smoking is to do this:


  • Imagine you have a gauge or scale, which measures from 1 to 10, something like the diagram below:
    • 30114576_l (1)a score of 1 indicates that stopping smoking is not important at all, and
    • a score of 10 indicates that stopping smoking is extremely important to you
    • Ask yourself: “how much do I want to stop smoking?” or “how important is stopping smoking?”
  • If you score 6-7/10 or lower, now is not the right time for you.
  • If you score a 7-8/10 or higher, contact me now!



What to do Next:

  • Phone or email me, and I will phone you to have a chat and get some details. Once we have agreed that now is the time for you to stop smoking, we will make your first 2 appointments, 3-7 days apart.
  • I will send a confirmation letter or email, together with a couple of forms for you to complete and bring to your first appointment.
  • This package consists of three (3) sessions as follows:
  1. First session of 90 minutes
  2. Second session of up to 50 minutes, within 3-7 days of the first session
  3. Third session of up to 50 minutes, a few weeks later
  • You will also receive a CD or USB stick containing self-hypnosis /relaxation tracks to reinforce the effect of the sessions

Fees for Stop Smoking Package

It usually costs $390 for 3 sessions of hypnotherapy, however, if you pay for all 3 sessions in advance, the cost is only $329. 

That’s a saving of nearly 20%!

So if now is the right time for you to stop smoking, what are you waiting for? 

Phone or email now to book your appointments and change your life!