How much is smoking costing you this year? Newcastle Hypnotherapy
How much is smoking costing you this year?
9 September 2018
Australia Day Reflections, Newcastle Hypnotherapy
Australia Day reflections
24 January 2020

Results from Virtual Gastric Band program

Results from Virtual Gastric Band program, Newcastle Hypnotherapy

In August last year I undertook training in the Virtual Gastric Band, a program which uses hypnosis to help people change their mindsets to take control of their size and shape. Many people took part in an introductory special, where their results were tracked over a 3-4 month period, and the first outcomes are now coming in.

Gae was preparing for a total knee replacement when she had her first session in mid-September. She came in on 13th January, 10kg lighter, and said that even with the stress of complications from her surgery, and family stress over Christmas, she wasn’t tempted to “comfort eat” which had been a life-long habit until then. Other comments were that she couldn’t believe how effective the hypnosis was, in making it easy for her to cut down her portion sizes.

These before and after photos show how different she looks wearing the same clothes.



Charmain had chronic knee pain and a long history of dieting when she came in for her first session in mid-September, and has now shed 15kg and is pain free. She is thrilled at having gone down by two whole clothing sizes in 4 months, and said “Sue has given my life back to me with the Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis sessions… After the Virtual Gastric band program, I am now pain free, I have hope and a future.  I cannot recommend the program and Sue too highly.”  You can see her before and after photos below, and read her comments in full here.


Both these women are looking forward to enjoying the ongoing regular and subtle changes to their shape and size, and I am looking forward to their updates.

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