Mindfulness in the Every Day Experience
24 November 2016
Success. Everyone wants it.
20 February 2017

Weight Loss Package

There are many reasons that people find it hard to achieve and maintain a healthy weight:

  • maybe they don’t know about healthy eating;
  • maybe there is no time to prepare healthy meals;
  • maybe it’s hard to get the time or motivation to exercise;
  • maybe they believe they don’t deserve to be slim or healthy;
  • maybe being overweight helps to keep them safe from unwanted attention;
  • maybe food is comforting and a distraction from worries;
  • maybe eating meets another need for them.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome these and other barriers to healthy eating and lifestyle. It is most effective if you are clear about your reasons for wanting to lose weight, and are committed to working towards these goals.

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