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New Program: Hypnosis for Anxiety

New Program: Hypnosis for Anxiety, Newcastle Hypnotherapy

Anxiety is by far the most common reason people come to me for help.

When a person has anxiety he or she regularly feels disproportionate levels of distress, worry, or fear over an emotional trigger or situation. Anxiety can have serious impacts on social functioning and self-esteem.

In some circumstances, people have panic attacks where the symptoms of heart palpitations and breathing difficulties lead them to think they are dying, and they may seek medical help.

Common situations when people feel anxiety are in relation to work, relationships, finances, medical illness, or any changes in circumstances. In many cases, people feel like they have had anxiety all their lives.

The Unconscious Mind and Anxiety

The problem is that anxiety is an unconscious response related to our basic survival instinct, and the more we try to ignore it or “deal with it”, the worse it gets. This is why “talking therapies” such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy have limited impact on anxiety.

The unconscious mind is the part of us that stores all of our knowledge and memories. Without even being aware that it’s happening, the unconscious mind stores what we learn, and creates feelings and behaviours to our needs. It sounds complicated, so I will give you some examples.

Do you remember how hard you had to concentrate when you learnt to drive a car or ride a bicycle? These are both complex behaviours that involve doing a lot of different things with our hands and feet, all at the same time. However, after lots of repetition, it’s likely that you can now do them automatically, without thinking. This is because your unconscious mind has taken over running the behaviour so you can concentrate on other things, such as listening to music or talking to a passenger.

Other examples of complex behaviours we learn to do automatically are walking, running, reading, learning languages, doing up shoelaces or bows, swimming… The list is endless.

Similarly, there is a treasure trove of sensory memories, which come to the surface with thoughts, or memories:

  • Think of a time when you felt happy, or relaxed, or loving, and it’s likely you will notice a change in how you feel. You may start smiling or feeling dreamy. Your heartbeat, blood pressure and breathing will slow down, and you may even conjure up clear images of that memory, maybe even remembering relevant sounds, smells or tastes.
  • Think of a time when you felt scared, insecure, worried or angry, and you are likely to experience physical tension, increased heart rate and blood pressure. You may clench your fists or feel yourself flushing.
  • Close your eyes and vividly imagine sucking the juice from a lemon, and it’s likely that you’ll find yourself salivating.

All of these physical responses are linked to our thoughts through a complicated series of biological reactions, which release chemicals such as adrenaline, cortisol, serotonin (to name just a few), and send messages throughout the nervous system.

How Does Hypnosis Affect Anxiety?

Hypnosis is a state that bypasses the conscious analytical mind to provide suggestions direct to the unconscious mind. As shown above, the unconscious mind is where all of our memories, interpretations and automatic patterns of behaviour are stored, waiting to be activated by what is happening around us.

The disproportionate or inappropriate levels of distress, worry or fear that are experienced in anxiety are the result of a combination of factors unique to each person. However, the result is the same, a situation where:

  • A part of them knows that what they are experiencing or feeling is not helpful, pleasant, logical or rational,


  • Another part of them creates the feelings anyway.

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of the hypnotic state to create desired changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

I have used Hypnotherapy with literally hundreds of people to help them gain relief from anxiety.

About the Hypnosis for Anxiety Program

I’ve combined the processes I’ve used successfully with so many people into a formal Hypnosis Program for Anxiety.

The program includes a combination of three (3) hypnosis sessions, usually 1-2 weeks apart, together with audio recordings that support the work done during the sessions.

The goals of each session are outlined below:
Session 1 – you will leave the session calm and anxiety-free

Session 2 – you will be empowered over the situation(s) causing the anxiety

Session 3 – you will be ready to face the world, looking forward to a positive future.

If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety, contact me on 0421 861 734, for more information and to book your appointments to become free of it.

The cost for this potentially life-changing program is only $429 (conditions apply).