Newcastle Hypnotherapy - What is a trance
What is a trance?
18 January 2016
Newcastle Hypnotherapy - Help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Hypnotherapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
25 January 2016

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Newcastle Hypnotherapy - Help with Weight Loss

I’ve had success using hypnotherapy to help clients lose weight, but nothing like this dramatic transformation!!

A morbidly obese mother who failed to lose weight through gastric surgery and even having her jaw wired, Tidbits has finally shed 20 stone through hypnosis. Dee Chan, 55, from Fife in Scotland, weighed 37 stone and was forced to create her own dresses from curtain fabric as it was so difficult to find clothes in her Paisajes 40+ size. Now Dee is a confident size 14 and is well on her way to Art reaching her target wholesale NBA jerseys weight of 12 stone, after a three-year transformation thanks Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys to one-on-one sessions with hypnotherapist cheap MLB jerseys Steve Miller.
Before her transformation Dee had tried everything from slimming clubs to fad diets but nothing would keep is the weight off.
Even having her jaws wired twice failed because she would Business suck ice creams and return to overeating as soon as the wires were removed. Doctors told the 55-year-old that she urgently needed to lose weight but was so obese she might not survive gastric bypass surgery.