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19 June 2017
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12 November 2017

Hypnosis for acute pain relief

A study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine has shown that 15 minutes of hypnotic suggestion or mindfulness are more effective in decreasing acute pain than 15 minutes of pain education. The head researcher at the University of Utah Hospital reported that:  “About a third of the study participants receiving one of the two mind-­body therapies achieved close to a 30 percent reduction in pain intensity”.

This is the first formal study of its kind, although there have been many anecdotes about hypnosis being useful for anaesthesia and for chronic pain management.

Awareness that there are effective alternatives to opioids and other medications, and their side-effects raises many possibilities for the future. Dr Michael Goldblatt, an anaesthetist in Adelaide, routinely uses hypnosis as a pre-operative calmer. He has found that it decreases the amount of sedative medication needed during surgery, and shortens recovery times. Dr Goldblatt is hoping to have his observations verified in a formal study.

A summary of the above research findings can be found by clicking on this link: Mind-body-therapies-significantly-reduce-acute-pain-experienced-by-hospital-patients