How much is smoking costing you this year?

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12 November 2017

How much is smoking costing you this year?



The cost of smoking in 2018

Smokers are often amazed at how much money they will pay if they continue to smoke.

In general, if you smoke a pack of 30 cigarettes each day, it will cost you about $200 a week, which is about $10,500 for a year. Given that cigarette prices are only going to increase in the future, this can be a significant expense whether you are single, a couple or a family.

If you plan to live for another 20 years or so, your habit will cost you around a quarter of a million dollars! And that is at current prices, not even allowing for inflation!!!

This table shows the projected cost for smokers in  New Zealand.

Newcastle Hypnotherapy has a 3 session Stop Smoking program, which costs $329.

How can you afford NOT to STOP SMOKING?

Be quick, the program price will rise in 2019, but not as much as the price of cigarettes!