A Message regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
16 March 2020

Fees Reduced due to Coronavirus

Encouraging mess

How life has changed in the last few weeks! My last blog entry a month ago indicated that we would be following the required hygiene guidelines at the office.Further restrictions were imposed after that, and on 24thMarch I made the decision to work from home, along with many other people.

The coronavirus situation has affected us all. I am very aware of the financial and social impact of the current situation, where people fear for their health, their income, job security and future. Some of us have lost loved ones, or are worried about friends and family members they are unable to spend time with. The restrictions are often confusing, and we fear inadvertently doing something we shouldn’t. It’s difficult managing just one change to our lifestyle, never mind so many changes all at once.

It’s even more important now for people to be able access effective help for their mental health. Lifeline and Beyondblue are receiving three times their usual volume of calls.

I’ve been offering online hypnotherapy for a couple of years now, having done some online learning courses to find out the best and most effective ways to do this. I can confidently say Newcastle Hypnotherapy offers an online hypnosis experience that is just as effective as the one offered in person. Coviu, the telehealth program I use can be accessed simply by clicking on a link sent to a smartphone, tablet or computer.

In order to make hypnotherapy available to as many people as possible at this time of need, I have made the decision to discount all Newcastle Hypnotherapy’s services by at least 30%, until further notice. This includes individual hypnotherapy sessions and programs such as The Richards Trauma Process, Virtual Gastric Band, and Hypnosis for Anxiety.

I also recorded a 30 minute self-hypnosis session to release stress and worries. This can be accessed or downloaded as an audio or video recording, and freely shared.

Click on these links to find out more:

If you like, you can also click on this link to download a Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook developed by The Wellness Society. It has some useful suggestions, and links to information and resources.

I, like the rest of you, am looking forward to a time when the world and our lives return to some semblance of normality.

Until then, remember, we are all in this together.

Sue Vandenberg.