Feedback about The Virtual Gastric Band


Karen is 10kg lighter after 3 1/2 months

I came  to see Sue to seek much needed help with my weight as right through my life I have struggled with my weight.

Over the years I have tried all of the fad diets that were around as well as doctors prescribed medication to help with my weight problem, unfortunately none of these ever worked.

I then heard about the Virtual Gastric Band program (Hypnotherapy) and I did a lot of searching on the internet and I found Sue at Newcastle Hypnotherapy. I did not hesitate to make an appointment with Sue as this was my last chance to really get on top of the problem. Although it was out of my comfort zone for me it was worth a try.

Ever since working with Sue, she has helped me make so many beneficial lifestyle changes. Her Hypnosis has helped my mindset when it comes to comfort eating and the challenges I had with food.

What surprised me most about hypnosis was how in control of myself I am instead of letting my feelings be in control.

It is Amazing. I now eat smaller portions and healthier types of food without even thinking about it. I drink a lot more water without thinking about it. The whole hypnosis program has worked for me and I am proud to say I am now 10kgs lighter in just 3 1/2 months and still going.

Thank you Sue for all your help, you're Amazing.

Virtual Gastric Band FeedbackVirtual Gastric Band Feedback
Virtual Gastric Band FeedbackVirtual Gastric Band Feedback


(Charmain shed 15kg and three sizes in 3 1/2 months)

Sue has given my life back to me with the Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis sessions.

After many years of dieting, I never had the understanding about which foods trigger weight gain in me and which assist weight loss, which I now have, since I undertook the Virtual Gastric Band program.

The whole process has been wonderful and easy, surprisingly so as I have always said I would never be hypnotized.

Everyone at work was dumbstruck when I said I was being hypnotized, as they didn’t think it would be possible, I am very assertive and opinionated. They have been astounded by the results.

I was at my wits’ end when I saw the Virtual Gastric Band advertised on Facebook and contacted Sue. I could not walk from the carpark to work without strong painkillers, and still suffered excruciating pain, which is now all but gone and I haven’t required pain killers for many weeks now.

After the Virtual Gastric band program, I am now pain free, I have hope and a future. I cannot recommend the program and Sue too highly.

The thing I really liked about the program is that you get all the benefits of Gastric Banding without any of the side effects.

I really loved being in Canberra for a recent wedding and had to go to the shopping mall to get something, and I was able to stride through the shopping centre to the extent, my husband asked me to slow down. Something I have been unable to do for more than 10 years. I have actually generally avoided shopping centres, because of the walking required.


(Pam shed over 6kg in 3 months)

Having been overweight for many years and facing some chronic health issues I was once again pressured into trying to find a solution to lose weight and keep it off this time. Over the years I have had little success with traditional weight loss programs so when I saw a flyer for Sue and her Virtual Gastric Band program I was intrigued and went to see her. Of course some friends were very skeptical but I kept an open mind and gave it a go.

Surprisingly the hypnotherapy took the worry out of changing my lifestyle as my mind and body slowly adjusted to the changes. All this without the pain of forever policing myself over what I ate. I don’t know how it worked but I was in control, no food was banned and with that there is a certain freedom. What a refreshing change to the normally exhausting vigilance required to change my lifestyle drastically eat only the approved foods then continue to maintain that vigilance while attempting to live with the stresses and lack of time in the “real” world.

Was it easy? As an overweight person I think we are always our biggest critic and toughest on ourselves for our inability to get it right, well at least I am and I am happy to admit that my biggest challenge is always the internal battle that rages whenever I tried to get my weight under control. With hypnotherapy this stopped very quickly somehow the hypnosis allowed the process to happen naturally so that over the course of the sessions I gave up that internal battle without even realising it at first. That was only one of small surprises I got but did not expect from the process. Even my food choices dramatically improved naturally and I cannot eat mindlessly any more, I am happy with the smaller meals and certainly do not feel in any way deprived. I am no longer trapped in the cycle of overeating sugary foods.

But I am also realistic in my goal as everyone should be, for me quick weight loss does not work so this time it was about slowly, I guess, shrinking my body mass so that when I get to my desired new self (and I will) I will be able to continue to maintain a healthy weight and mindset. It is a very personal journey and we are not meant to be like anyone but ourselves. For me hypnotherapy was a great choice and Sue worked with me finding ways to use the program on areas I struggled with so at no time did I feel that I was one of the herd, I was fully engaged in the process at all times.

So Sue, thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting me as I adjusted to the changes that happened for me through your compassionate guidance with hypnotherapy. I am happy to recommend you and the program to anyone who finds themselves knocking on your door for help.


MJ shed 6kg and nearly 3 sizes in just over 3 months. She describes her experience of the Virtual Gastric Band program in this interview.




(Rachael shed 4kg and a total of 23cm in 3 months)

Before seeing Sue, I was struggling with a lack of energy, focus and some anxiety as I was making poor lifestyle choices despite knowing better. I completed the VGB program with Sue, not because I needed to lose weight, but rather I needed help in resetting my habits around food. I was eating on the run, grabbing whatever was at hand and simply not taking the time to enjoy a proper meal. My sleep was being impacted, my energy levels were in a major slump, and I wasn’t being very kind in the way I spoke to myself. Since completing the program, I no longer eat on the run, I take time to prepare and enjoy simple meals that nourish and provide me with the energy I need to get through my day feeling confident, relaxed and productive. The program has also greatly lowered my anxiety and increased my self-confidence. So for me it wasn’t about the weight, although I’m pleased to say that has shifted too!

The hypnosis itself was an incredibly relaxing, blissful experience. Sue is professional and really took the time to understand my motivation for completing the program, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.




I came to see Sue for Weightloss and the Virtual Gastric Band. Also to lessen stress that triggers my compulsion to eat unhealthy food. 

I have had changes to my diet and lifestyle. Portion sizes are smaller, and I don't finish large meals when I eat out. I no longer go to McDonalds, or drink red wine. I have lost 10kg in 3 months. I do not reach out to eat when stressed. 

What surprised me most about hypnosis was being fully relaxed and aware. I couldnt believe how I remained focused even though I had a knee replacement with some health complications. I was able to play Sue's recordings and stay on track.


46 years - Lost almost 10kg in 3 1/2 months

I have tried EVERYTHING!!!!

I needed to lose 15kg and couldn't understand how no matter what I did (diet + exercise) I could not lose the weight. I played team sports my entire life until a knee injury last year. It was devastating both physically and mentally not to have sport as part of my life anymore.  Throw in early on-set menopause, extreme comfort eating, and I felt my body becoming more 'middle-aged' every single day. I felt out of control.

I found Sue online, and it was the best decision I have ever made.

What you put in your mouth and how you view yourself really is a complete mind game. Diets, training, fasting and surgery make no difference unless you change your mindset to food. From day 1, I found my mind was a lot clearer about everything, and most importantly, I could no longer eat what I used to. My extreme comfort eating (a lifelong problem which only got worse with menopause) seemed to have eased considerably almost immediately. Unavoidable visits to McDonalds' with the kids has been a grilled chicken salad for me every time - it makes me sick to think of eating anything else.

I feel with little effort; I am almost 10kg down and feeling fabulous. I'm finding the weight loss a bonus to the clarity I now have in my mind. I no longer wake up every day feeling defeated by weight even before I get out of bed; I wake up thinking about 'wow' another fabulous day. I have so much energy - I didn't realise how much the extra weight was dragging me down mentally, as well as the terrible effects the weight and takeaway food was having on my body.

Can't recommend Sue enough - Hello jeans I have not worn in years :) ... and I'm still losing.

A testimonial from a client who wishes to remain anonymous:

I saw Sue for help with controlling my weight. I am an emotional eater.

I have continuously gained weight for a number of years. In times of stress, when anxious, when alone, when scared, I would look and find comfort in food. I was medicated and the drugs that worked for me had the side effect of weight gain which didn't help.

When listening to my recording it gives me a sense of calm and that I am in control. I haven't lost weight but I haven't gained any either which I am really happy about.

The thing that surprised me the most about hypnotherapy was how good I felt after my sessions with Sue. I left feeling confident and in control. 

Sue definitely helped me and I would definitely recommend her and her services.

A testimonial from a lady who wants to remain anonymous:

I came to Sue to help me to lose weight, without being in a bad mood around my loved ones

Before seeing Sue:

I had tried everything from fad diets to meal replacement shakes, but nothing seemed to work. I work in food so I am constantly either talking about, or looking at food, then eating food. I had become surrounded by food and not in a good way. Snacking was a huge issue for me and let’s not forget comfort eating as well. I also have a stressful, sedentary job so I don’t really move much in my day to day activities.

Since seeing Sue:

I no longer snack between meals, I make sure I eat only three smaller meals a day and I move more. I mean I’ve gone from around 1200 steps per day to around 6-7000 steps per day. I no longer have any qualms about talking about food, or looking at food. it’s just food! A thing... no longer as important to my day as it once was.

The thing that surprised me most about hypnotherapy was:

I found hypnotherapy very relaxing and when I spoke to Sue after she has noticed that I am much calmer than at the beginning. Any issues that I have had in regards to food have disappeared and I find myself just getting up and moving more, just for the pleasure of moving. Not exercising as such, just moving more. For the first time in a very long time, I have made time for something for myself, something that will see my health improve and I like myself so much more.

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Ms Sue Vandenberg is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 30 years experience working in the mental health field as a Registered Nurse. She uses hypnotherapy to help people become free from their past, and has expertise in anxiety and phobias, depression, panic disorders, PTSD, addictions, self-esteem and self-development, sleep disorders and weight loss.