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Frequently Asked Questions

1Is this as effective as face-to-face hypnotherapy?
Research has shown that online hypnotherapy is just as effective as face-to-face, and is used by hypnotherapists throughout the world. Provided you are motivated, and can allocate uninterrupted time to the consultation, there is no reason that you will not receive similar results.
2I’m not very technical, will I be able to do this?
If you have a computer, smart phone or tablet, and can use the internet and an email account, you are halfway there already. You will receive an email a couple of days before your appointment, with a direct link to take you to the private online consultation room at the time of the appointment.
3How private is online hypnotherapy?
Newcastle Hypnotherapy uses an encrypted telehealth platform called Coviu, which was developed by the CSIRO. Each consultation has a unique identifier code and can only be accessed by people who have the code, ie the health professional and the client. Coviu is used and recommended by Australian Health Departments for telehealth consultations. Of course, it is recommended that you book your appointment for a time when you will have the privacy you want.
4How much does it cost?
It costs the same as face-to-face consultations. Fees need to be paid in advance by credit/debit card or direct transfer. Fees apply for credit/debit cards.
5How secure is my information online?
1. Coviu does not store any clinical information that is exchanged in a call. 2.  All of the video, audio or shared documents in a call are transmitted directly between the participants (peer-to-peer) only and are fully encrypted.  3. Calls cannot be listened into by anyone except for the call participants. 4. Coviu only stores user signup information - patients don't sign up to join a consult. 5. None of the data that is exchanged in a video call is saved. 6. Coviu does not store the identities of a guest user - a snapshot and name is only taken to identify the guests to the users in a call. For more detailed information about Coviu's privacy and Security measures go to
6How do I pay for my session?
After your book your session, you will receive an invoice by email, together with Bank Account Details for direct transfer of your payment. If you prefer to pay by credt/debit card, the email will also include a link to a secure site for you to enter your payment details. Full payment of your fees is required before your session.

I am committed to: being caring and approachable; ongoing education to ensure most up-to-date treatments available; professional, ethical interventions appropriate for each individual; empowering my clients to lead the best lives they can.

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Ms Sue Vandenberg is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with with over 36 years experience in the mental health field as a Registered Nurse. She uses hypnotherapy to help people become free from their past, and has expertise in anxiety and phobias, depression, panic disorders, PTSD, addictions, self-esteem and self-development, sleep disorders and weight loss.