Anxiety is by far the most common reason people come to Newcastle Hypnotherapy for help


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Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective way to relieve the symptoms and impact of anxiety, and Sue has used it with literally hundreds of people to help them gain relief.

She recently wrote a blog post about anxiety and hypnosis, and has developed a formal program which combines the processes she's used successfully with so many people. 
Hypnosis Program for Anxiety.

The program includes

  • three (3) hypnosis sessions, usually 1-2 weeks apart.
  • audio recordings to listen to daily, which reinforce the benefits that come from the sessions.
The goals of each session are outlined below:

Session 1 – you will leave the session calm and anxiety-free

Session 2 – you will be empowered over the situation(s) causing the anxiety

Session 3 – you will be ready to face the world, looking forward to a positive future.

The fee for this potentially life-changing program is only $500!

If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety, contact Sue on 0421 861 734 for more information and to book your appointments to become free of it.

Some comments from Clients about Hypnotherapy for Anxiety:

  • “Sue has allowed me to be free of my anxiety that has been holding me back for so long and finally start living my life”
  • “My experience was wonderful! Sue offers a wonderful, supportive, safe environment.”
  • “There was none of the previous anxiety or negative thinking like before.
  • “No matter how hard I try to bring my anxious thoughts back into my head and get that awful knot tying, panicky feeling in my stomach and chest, I can’t”
  • “You made me feel positive about myself.”
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Ms Sue Vandenberg is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 36 years experience in the mental health field as a Registered Nurse. She uses hypnotherapy to help people become free from their past, and has expertise in anxiety and phobias, depression, panic disorders, PTSD, addictions, self-esteem and self-development, sleep disorders and weight loss.