Newcastle Hypnotherapy - What is a trance
What is a trance?
18 January 2016

Art Therapy

Newcastle Hypnotherapy - Art Therapy

You  may  have noticed the adult colouring books appearing in book shops and newsagents, and wondered what it is all about. Music therapy, art therapy, craft and exercise have all been a part of mental health rehabilitation for decades. They provide opportunities for creativity and rhythm, balance and synchronicity, as well as developing and improving fine motor skills.

Over recent years, there has been an increased interest in meditation and mindfulness, and colouring intricate patterns is a simple and convenient way to decrease stress. There is something soothing about focussing your attention on the various colours, patterns and shapes; there are opportunities to reflect and remember, for your mind to wander to different times and places. I’m reminded of “painting by numbers” and using a Spirograph as a child, concentrating on getting the pattens and colours “just right”!

Why not give it a go, and see what happens? But be quick, a staff member at Officeworks told me last week that there is now a worldwide shortage of colouring pencils!