The Richards Trauma Process Testimonials

Turbo-charged treatment

I have often felt that we have a vague blue print attached to our lives that allows us to meander but eventually arrive at the correct destination. I think this treatment was turbo charged assistance to get to that destination in the best shape possible.

Jill, Newcastle

(The Richards Trauma Process)

Jill, Newcastle

Engaging and encouraging

A great therapist who had a great manner of engaging and encouraging me throughout the process . Goals set were realistic and attainable .Sue’s gentle yet strong nature allowed any defenses to be dropped and progress to be made

(The Richards Trauma Process)

Sarah, Belmont

I can get on with life and have a great time

I suffer from depression and anxiety and have done all my life. In 2009  I was bitten by a paralysis tick and got a virus called Australian spotted fever (like the lymes thing). This has affected my immune system and nervous system significantly.
You can imagine, that although I thought I had my depression under control, it was challenged significantly by my lovely new virus. Sue identified I had been through trauma as a child and later as an adult and suggested the Richards Trauma Process.
This is like nothing I have been through before, and believe me, I’ve tried. This process does not make you dig up and talk about all the pain and memories and relive them for hours and hours and session after session.
During the process, I saw and spoke to Sue regularly which was fantastic. After each session I felt better, more confident, more capable, more ME. When it was over, my life had changed irrevocably for the better. I can now face what life may have in store for me in the future, which lets face it, could be anything, just like everyone else.
Sue’s kindness, care, focus, support and no nonsense delivery of the program suited me perfectly. She explained everything to me and guided me through the process in such a way that I was not apprehensive and I was excited about what my future might hold.
Well it’s a couple of months since my treatment ended, and I am actually great. I have had a couple setbacks with my illness, but whatever, I can get on with life and have an great time while I’m doing it!
Thank you Sue, for everything, my life is forever better because of you and the Richards Trauma Process.
Lots of love, Tracy
Tracy, Wollombi

Free of past crap & trauma

In the past I had been told that I would be healed, but I never felt FREE. The [therapy] processes I experienced in the Past were gut-wrenchingly traumatic, having to re-tell my story was very PAINFUL. I would leave [therapy] feeling like my guts had been ripped out and I was supposed to then act normal until the next appointment. It was like my wounds would start to heal & then they would be gouged out again, and the same old merry-go-round and roller-coaster would continue.

The Richards Trauma Process is nothing like that.   It is FREEING!!!!!!!!!

Even now it feels too good to be true.  FREE!!!!!!!!

Thank you Sue, and thank you Judith (Richards)!  XX

(The Richards Trauma Process)

Rhonda, Lake Macquarie

I have more clarity and acceptance

I saw Sue to release past (childhood) patterns/issues that were holding me back in my life today.

Initially I didn’t think that the process had worked for me at all – mainly due to the fact that I found it almost impossible to relax enough and having Tourette’s [Syndrome] made it even more difficult. Also I was holding an incredible amount of resentment and anger, which was difficult to access and release at the the time.

Weeks later though, the anger and rage came to the surface to be acknowledged and dealt with, and thankfully I now have more clarity and acceptance around significant issues and behaviours, enabling me to make positive changes.

(The Richards Trauma Process)

Nicola, Maitland

Reinforcing a sense of self worth

About TRTP:

It helped to expose and express a lot of embedded stresses and fears and to bring them to the recognition of letting go, with the self-help focus on calming and peaceful places and experience.

The culminating and rapid focus of where my life is at this present time, and the reinforcing of a sense of self worth, and the choice to be and walk with confidence in the future days of my life.

Sue was very supportive, accepting and trusting in her approach.

Thank you.

(The Richards Trauma Process)

Doris, Merewether (aged 78)

Can it be this good?

Can it be this good?

My mind feels relaxed. Negative, self sabotaging thoughts are cleared. I didn’t realise that my life experiences were continually affecting me on a daily basis. Now those things are gone, and they are in the past.  It’s like my mind has been unlocked and I’ve been released. I had no idea I was stuck in the past because of the things that have happened to me and that I have experienced.

Day to day normal every day stresses don’t seem to impact on me as they did, and I can gather my thoughts and use reasoning to handle situations more calmly.

I feel that my mind is clearer and not overloaded with clutter. I can face the future with excitement and no more dread because I can make decisions for myself. I’ve grown up. The child in me has been comforted and treated with proper care and kindness and I no longer need to unknowingly carry and lug around  the pain, shame, fear (trauma) caused by past experiences.

(The Richards Trauma Process)

Rebecca, Hamilton

very good

It’s very good. I am still adapting to new thoughts and habits. It’s great and I feel more relaxed and content with myself.

(The Richards Trauma Process)

Cécile, Newcastle

I Am Truly Impressed

I am truly impressed with Sue providing me with the tools in order to overcome my anxiety and fear of flying.

I am yet to test my flying issue, but I’m confident I will cope well when the time comes.

Sue has helped me greatly with my anxiety issues and would recommend [The Richards Trauma Process] to anyone who wants to take control of their life and feel excited to move forward into the future with confidence to take on whatever comes your way!

(The Richards Trauma Process)

Alison, Wallsend

I love hypnotherapy

Sue is the best! She really helped me learn to relax and helped me understand my problems. She is very caring and really wants to help you. I love hypnotherapy. I really look forward to my future “top ups” with Sue! Highly recommended!!

(The Richards Trauma Process)


Sue has helped me find emotional freedom

Working with Sue has helped me find emotional freedom. It has enabled me to find strength, peace and happiness and manage stressors. The solution was always within me.

I heard an interesting saying the other day, “we are all guaranteed to die, however we are all not guaranteed to live”.

The financial outlay is in no way significant when you receive the benefits. If you are reading this you want things to change in your life and truly live.

What are you waiting for?

(The Richards Trauma Process)

Vicki, Maryland

Regained confidence in myself

I have already given Sue’s details to two friends who I know will benefit from these sessions. Incredibly uplifting – I have regained my confidence in myself and look forward to each day now. Big thankyou, Sue.

(The Richards Trauma Process)

Melanie, Belmont

Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Panic Testimonials

Performance anxiety has improved!

Hi Sue,

I just got back from Japan last week and would like to thank you for the amazing job you did! My performance anxiety has improved and there are no issues with falling asleep! You rock!

Thanks again, Bianca

2 appointments

Bianca, via SMS.

I was sceptical at first……

So very glad I tried hypnotherapy with Sue. I was sceptical at first as I had no experience with this type of therapy but I am very happy with the result and found the process comfortable and reassuring.

(3 sessions)

Mary, Waratah

Mary, Waratah

Cannot thank her enough!

I feel like seeing Sue has allowed me to be free of my anxiety that has been holding me back for so long and finally start living my life! I noticed right away the change and I’m never going back! The hypnosis was surreal but also she gave me lots of techniques to cope with other things happening in my head and I use these everyday! Cannot thank her enough!

(2 appointments)

Louise, Seaham


I saw Sue regarding anxiety.

My experience was wonderful! Sue offers a wonderful, supportive, safe environment.

(1 appointment)

Emma, Belmont

I would tell everyone to see Sue

Sue is amazing !! I was really hoping this was going to help my anxieties, I wasn’t sure if it would or not but thought I had to give it a go . I am so glad I did! My glass is now only half empty and miraculously no matter how hard I try to bring my anxious thoughts back into my head and get that awful knot tying , panicky feeling in my stomach and chest , I cant .I am forever grateful . I would tell everyone to see Sue . What have you got to loose besides the anxieties lol 🙂

(1 appointment)

Libby, Facebook

The turning point for managing my depression

Sue has been the turning point for managing my depression. Within a few sessions I felt free of the weight of depression and no longer need antidepressants.

I choose to see Sue regularly as an ongoing tool for my wellness, and really look forward to our catchups.

Thankyou Sue, I’m so grateful our paths have crossed x


Melissa, Charlestown

Made a huge difference

The [hypnotherapy] treatment really helped, it has made a huge difference to how I process my thoughts now.

A big thank you, Sue

(2 appointments)

Gina, Anna Bay

I’m in charge again

Dear Sue,

I am glad I saw you. You made me feel positive about myself. I have been sewing quilts like a bat out of hell!

I do not feel like I’m letting myself down, as I have always been a doer all my life. I’m in charge again.

(2 appointments)

Margaret, Toronto (aged 84)

I am now feeling like a normal person

I was unsure that I would be able to be hypnotised but I must have, because I am now feeling like normal person again & all my anxiety has gone, thanks to Sue.

(1 session)

Sharon, Warners Bay

I’m a happier man because of her help.

Sue helped me to overcome my anxiety during interviews by providing relaxation & confidence techniques to naturally overcome and conquer my anxiety. I have found new ways to de-stress and boost self confidence without the need to overthink and stress myself out in the process. I highly recommend Sue to all who need a hand in cutting and connecting the right thought processes to naturally cure and overcome any stress that may present itself.

I’m a happier man because of her help.

(2 appointments)

Patrick, Charlestown

Helped Me Get Past My Insecurities

Hi Sue,
I’ve been doing well, your sessions really helped me get past my insecurities and I have found myself doing things I would never have done previously. Thanks!
(3 appointments)
Briony, Carrington

None of the Previous Anxiety or Negative Thinking

Hi Sue,

(My daughter) sat her trial HSC exam for Biology on Wednesday this week – a huge 3 hour exam. I have not seen her look so calm and energised for an exam! When I dropped her off at school and wished her luck she said “thanks mum, I’ve got this!” which I had no doubt she did but there was none of the previous anxiety or negative thinking like before. I am certain your session with her has had a big impact on her subconscious and her ability to manage her pre-exam stress.

So thanks, again!

(1 appointment)

Kim, Kotara

Made a believer out of me!

I automatically look at the lining of my clouds now, and often wake up genuinely happy. Thanks, Sue

(2 appointments)

Sherry, Newcastle

Helped me put things into perspective

Sue put me at ease immediately. I found her to be an experienced clinician.

The hypnotherapy had a relaxing, immediate effect alongside her counselling which I found beneficial and helped me put things into perspective in both the short and long term.

(5 appointments)

Kiddo, Merewether

Never felt so in control

I had heard the positives of hypnotherapy, but when my GP recommended this “alternate” method of “treatment” to help deal with coping with anxiety, I realised there just might be something in it. I had the “breathing to relax” down pat, so what could I lose? I lost nothing, and gained everything. Sue was amazing, gentle yet realistic, no mamsy pamsy trance like state where you lose consciousness and don’t remember a thing, just gentle conversation and relaxation . I am calmer, more able to cope with life’s stresses (and there are some!). I didn’t have to be a bleeding heart, or tell my life’s story, I just had to explain what I was feeling and then listen. Just listen. A few sessions later and I have never felt so in control of my thoughts and emotions. No more churned stomach or sick feeling for me. I will know where to go if I ever get so overwhelmed again.
I cannot recommend Sue enough nor the benefits or hypnotherapy.
(3 appointments)
Narelle, via Facebook

Helped me through one of my darkest times

I feel Sue helped me through one of my darkest times after losing our baby. I believe without Sue’s help we may not have had any more children – thank you Sue!

(3 appointments)

Bronwyn, Maitland

Sue is very professional

I had hypnotherapy with Sue to help me manage some food issues. She is very professional and I would highly recommend her to anyone!!

(Weight management package)

Rachel, Cardiff

Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool

I saw Sue for help to move forward with my life and overcome low self-esteem and anxiety. Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool. I felt a wave of relaxation in Sue’s office overcome me. Along with this, every other reason I saw Sue for hypnotherapy is now overcome – truly a worthwhile practice. Thanks!!

(2 appointments)

Linda, Merewether

A most positive experience

I found Sue’s services to be a most positive experience. Her relaxation techniques in particular have provided me with the tools to deal with the stress and anxiety I have suffered for decades. This has resulted in an increasingly positive outlook on life, much to the relief of my family. Sue’s professionalism and kindness is also very reassuring. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to others.

(3 appointments)

Steve, Adamstown

The most incredible labour experience

All thanks to you Sue I had the most incredible labour experience, I was completely calm the whole 17 hours and for 13 hours I was able to breath through the pain. I cannot praise you higher! Thank you thank you thank you. I can’t wait for you to meet her.

(3 appointments)

Sophia, new Mum, Raymond Terrace

Would highly recommend

I saw Sue for emotional trauma and smoking. I would highly recommend Sue.

(Stop Smoking Package)

Peter, Newcastle

Positive ways to improve my life

Early caution passed and Sue showed me positive ways to manage and improve my life.

(2 appointments)

David, Maitland

I was somewhat sceptical prior to my visit

Sue is highly professional, yet personable, and able to establish a strong rapport and trust very quickly and credibly. I was somewhat sceptical prior to my visit as I’ve never undergone hypnotherapy. I see and feel significant and tangible changes in myself and I have new-found skills to deal with matters that previously rendered me inoperable. Thank you.

(3 appointments)

Colin, Mayfield

Happier now

I am much happier now. I can cope with school and life in general “all thanks to Sue”.

(2 appointments)

Beth, Adamstown

Welcoming and calming

I find Sue very welcoming, calming and easy to talk to. Sometimes you need someone neutral to help sift through issues without the emotional connection. Sue gave me some strategies and also helped me “let go” of some guilt and anger and resentment with the help of hypnotherapy. I found the experience to be quite healing and cathartic. I would recommend Sue and would see her again myself.

(1 appointment)

Margaret, Lambton

A Special Professional

Sue has been so instrumental in my depression after the loss of my wife of 45 years. The tools to use have made me “educated” in human nature after my loss … Be ready to accept help from a special professional like Sue.

(5 appointments)

Roger, Warners Bay

Calming experience

Thank you Sue for a very calming experience. I liked your professional approach and skill at being able to hypnotise me. Never thought I could relax enough for that to happen.

(2 appointments)

Rachael, Newcastle

Quality of life has improved

I think that the ultimate outcome is that I can recognise my anxiety more easily/readily, and therefore implement strategies to manage it sooner than I could before having hypnotherapy. So the issues have not been removed, but I find I am having greater success at managing them. Therefore, my quality of life has improved.

(2 appointments)

Angela, Merewether Heights

Recommend Sue to anyone

Sue helped me to overcome stresses and pressures that had been hanging over me for years. She taught me strategies to let go of anger and relax myself. I had been experiencing panic attacks for 7 years and have not had one since completing my treatment more than 6 months ago. I have recommended her to anyone I can and informed them of my success and of the wonderful relationship Sue and I developed during our sessions. Thanks again, Sue!

(2 appointments)

Julie, Dudley

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Ms Sue Vandenberg is a female nurse with expertise in anxiety and phobias, depression, gambling addiction, general counselling, mental health, panic disorders, post-natal depression, psychotherapy, self-esteem and self-development, sleep disorders and weight loss.