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Trauma can be experienced as a single event such as a car accident or an assault, or it can be or long term, such as ongoing abuse and/or violence. Either way, trauma can cause ongoing sleep disturbance, persistent memories, nightmares, anxiety and depression.

Sue Vandenberg has trained in The Richards Trauma Process, a powerful approach to addressing PTSD, major trauma, anxiety and depression and taking control of your life. Just 3-4 sessions introduces Calmness to a traumatised client's life, and the opportunity to re-write his or her future. Would you like to know more about TRTP?

Sue’s TRTP clients have achieved a level of freedom and confidence that they would never have previously believed possible. Read more about how Sue can help using TRTP.


  1. The fee for this potentially life-changing course of 3-4 sessions is $1,000
  2. Payment is available by Cash, Visa or Mastercard
  3. An interest free direct-debit Payment Plan is available.

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Ms Sue Vandenberg is a female nurse with expertise in anxiety and phobias, depression, gambling addiction, general counselling, mental health, panic disorders, post-natal depression, psychotherapy, self-esteem and self-development, sleep disorders and weight loss.